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Cut sugar out of your diet.

By under score June 16, 2018 0 comments

When people think diet they may think of programs, shakes, or just eating trends.  Diet can simply be viewed as foods to avoid as well.  Today's food topic will be sugar. 

If you've ever noticed your progression hitting a plateau in your workouts, consider that diet may be playing a significant part.  More specifically, sugar is in just about everything we consume; take a good look of some of your favorite foods and the information may shock you.

We don't know just how addicted we are to sugar until we have to cut it out of our diet.  Currently, I'm making a conscious effort to remove sugar out of diet.  The craving can wash over me when I see and hear someone crack open a cold can of soda but I've done a decent job of staying focused.

What I've noticed is an increased level of alertness (no sugar crash), a gradual decrease in desire for sugar, and a shrinking waist line.  

Nothing beats good clean flat water, but for those times I do crave a soft drink, soda water often stops that craving for me.

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